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dear you,
this is a PERSONAL blog, so expect some nonsense from time to time.
i tend to do that.
other than that, you'll find mostly anime (multi-fandom), photography, lyrics, and various quotes here.
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Are you attracted to males or females, or perhaps both?

Humm. Complicated. I don’t really look at potential love interests based on the limitations of gender. I wouldn’t be opposed to dating another girl (and quite frankly, to quote marbles, girls are majestic fucking creatures). There’s been three girls that I’ve thought about in that way… but honestly, I get along better with guys usually anyway (just noting my hobbies and what have you). Physically, I find both genders attractive… and I’m actually more likely to think a girl is stunning than a guy. But basically, I’d date either gender depending on circumstance, however I’m more comfortable with guys.

i apologize for being dead lately guys. my internet connection has been TERRIBLE. but on the bright side, i’ve almost managed to finish the new pages and layout and what not. c: should be nifty. new icon is dumb, but it’s me. i got a new corset that i LOOOOOVE from new orleans. :p
anyway, should be back to posting like a crazy person again soon. 

The earth has music for those who listen.
—George Santayana (via moisiq)